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Stephen Collings


Stephen is a partner in a London Law firm practising in major infrastructure provision. He has been involved with St Katharine’s Trust since 2006 prior to becoming a charity. Stephen assisted with the establishment of the charity and has undertaken fund raising and administrative duties since joining the Board of Trustees on creation of  the Trust. Stephen has lived in Wapping since 2000 and is keen to ensure that accessible sporting opportunities exist across the borough and that public sports facilities are preserved and enhanced for the benefit of all residents. Stephen believes that St Katharine’s Trust makes a valuable contribution to the provision of sporting and other opportunities to diverse members of the local community not readily served by mainstream providers of sporting facilities and support.

 Sabir Zaman

Sabir is a General Practitioner working as a partner in a Tower Hamlets GP Practice serving a diverse community, as well as an Academic at Queen Mary University of London. He first encountered St Katherine’s Trust in 2007 as a junior doctor, and after a decade of working in and around the local area joined the Board of Trustees in 2017. He is passionate about sport as a means to help support the physical health, mental health, and social needs of communities across the East End and beyond. He regularly coaches youth football in his spare time and keeps active through a variety of sporting activities. He has a keen interest in ensuring that children and adults of all backgrounds throughout the community have readily available access to high quality sporting facilities and coaching within their localities, an ethos at the core of St Katherine’s Trust.  

Azad Ali

Azad is a partner is a City law firm practising in Financial Regulation. He has been involved with St. Katharine's Trust since 2008 prior to it becoming a charity and has helped it grow from its roots in Wapping focussing on the provision of football to the widening out to other sports and across age groups. He has had a life-long interest in and regularly participates in various sporting activities himself. He has used his sporting passion and his skillset as a lawyer to assist in the ongoing growth and development of St. Katharine's including in relation to fundraising and other key tasks. He has particular interest in ensuring sports is accessible and available to participants across a wide age range and for both genders and believe St. Katharine's can make a valuable contribution to sporting provision to underserved sections of the community in the east end of London.