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What we do

At St Katharine's Trust we pride ourselves on providing free-to-attend sports activities for the local community. Many residents tell us that one of the biggest barriers to accessing sport or extra-curricular activities for their children is finance. For adults and the elderly, financial barriers also cause a problem. 


We run a variety of sports and community programmes aimed at providing everyone with a chance to be included. The effects of the Covid19 pandemic took a heavy toll our our activities due to the lockdowns. Many people within our community, particularly those of BAME heritage, were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Physical and mental health suffered in all age groups due to isolation. 


As we have moved out of the lockdowns, Covid19 is still with us and we are working hard to get back to our full programme. In order to do this, we are heavily reliant on securing grant funding and donations. If you would like to donate to St Katharine's Trust or become a funding partner, please visit our Get Involved page.


Please view details of the current programme via the following pages:


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